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The old Prong fan site had a t-shirt archive in the Merchandise section.

Unfortunately, this fell victim to my laziness and wasn’t updated after 2005!  Ooops, I have been bone idle.

Anyway, I thought I’d migrate that archive over to here, the new site, bit at a time.  And what better way to kick it off than by posting a new shirt that isn’t in the archives?!  Here’s a fabulous shirt from the Carved Into Stone tour.

I think I need to up the game on the photography, mind you.  The back of my door isn’t a great look.  I’ll set up a nice white backdrop and reshoot before this becomes an official archive photo.

And this one isn’t faded, by the way.  It’s supposed to be a battleship grey colour.

I rank this as one of my favourite Prong shirts and it made it to the site today because it’s what I was about to put on this morning \m/