Here’s a photo of all my Prong stuff!

People have been sharing photos of their Prong collection over on Prong’s facebook page, so I thought I’d join in 🙂

So what’s here??

T-Shirts & hoodies:

  • Power Of The Damager zip up hooded top
  • Rude Awakening
  • 2 x shirts that Tommy was selling via “prongonline.com” back in 2005
  • Ruining Lives
  • Beg To Differ reprint from recent tours
  • Songs From The Black Hole
  • [red fist]
  • Power Of The Damager logo
  • Carved Into Stone
  • Force Fed tour shirt
  • Banishment Tour 2006 hooded top
  • Rude Awakening tour shirt
  • Prove You Wrong long sleeve
  • Beg To Differ (original) tour shirt
  • Scorpio Rising tour shirt
  • 100% Live Tour shirt
  • Beg To Differ logo short from 1990 European tour
  • There’s a beanie hiding on the very top right too

7″ Vinyl:

  • Sounds Blasts! compilation
  • Turnover (1 signed)
  • Remove, Separate Self

12″ Vinyl:

  • Snap Your Fingers remix EP picture disc
  • Cleansing coloured vinyl with stencil
  • Rude Awakening single
  • Live at GBGB EP (signed)
  • X – No Absolutes
  • Ruining Lives
  • Songs From The Black Hole
  • Whose Fist Is It EP
  • Blast Off compilation


  • All their official albums – 100% Live twice, once in official jewel case and other that was in a sleeve or digipack that I’ve put into a jewel case
  • Ruining Lives (signed)
  • 100% Live promo
  • Rude Awakening single
  • Whose Fist Is This Anyway [Four Industrial Remixes]
  • Whose Fist Is It single (with “Inheritance”)
  • Snap Your Fingers Break Your Back remix EP
  • Broken Peace single (with “Corpus Delecti”)
  • 5 Song Sampler from 2002


  • The Vault
  • The Complete Music Videos 1987-2004 bootleg
  • 2003 Summer Festivals bootleg
  • Strange Days movie

Compilation CDs

  • The End Of Music
  • Violent World (Misfits cover album)
  • Tonnage compilation
  • Strange Days soundtrack

Bootleg CDs

  • Prove You Right –
  • Hultsfred – 14 June 2003
  • 20 Oct 1990
  • 6 Dec 1991
  • 31 Oct 1993
  • “Prong Forever” – Vienna 8th June 1994

Various collectables

  • Scorpio Rising Laminate
  • Access All Area sticker from The Garage show
  • Metallic Cleansing sticker I got from the fan club
  • Prove Access All areas pass, no idea where I got that from!
  • 3 x Tommy Victor guitar picks
  • 1 x Raven pick
  • Art Cruz drumstick from Berlin
  • Review of my first and Prong’s “last” ever show in 1996 at the Garage in London
  • ESP Bass catalog with Bryan Perry in it, using one of my photos from the Dudley gig
  • A couple of set lists
  • A couple of old Kerrang mags with Prong articles
  • Marshall Amps magazine with a mention of Prong reforming
  • New York Times fanzine
  • Prong “The Early Years” self published book

I think that’s all of it!!  Although, I’m fairly sure I have a baseball cap, maybe from Rude.  And another Beg tour shirt.  But I can’t think where they’d be, so probably not.