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X-No Absolutes is here!!

I received my copy of ‘X – No Absolutes’ today and I’ve had several listens to it already.  (Not counting the previous days where I listened to it on Spotify while waiting for it to arrive!) So I though I’d give a quick round up of my thoughts about the new album, should anyone care…

Prong press roundup

Here’s a quick roundup of some recent articles I’ve been reading in the lead up the the new albu, “X – No Absolutes”: http://therockpit.net/2016/Tommy-Victor-Prong-Interview-2016.php http://www.therockpit.net/2016/Prong-X-No-Absolutes-Review-2016.php http://loudwire.com/prong-tommy-victor-x-no-absolutes-disc-touring/ http://www.decibelgeek.com/wordpress/album-review-prong-x-no-absolutes/ http://tamagazine.com/cd-review-x-no-absolutes-prong/